Salmon Recovery

The Endangered Chinook Salmon
In 1999, Chinook salmon in the waters throughout Whatcom County were listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. These fish, the largest of the Pacific salmon, once filled the surrounding waters and represented the natural heritage of the northwest coast.

A combination of factors brought these massive fish to the brink of extinction. Some of these factors were:
  • Dams and other barriers
  • Destruction of habitats in the rivers and the ocean
  • Overfishing
Recovery Efforts
The Port of Bellingham, working in collaboration with the Bellingham Bay Pilot's multi-agency task force, has identified the highest-priority habitat restoration areas in Bellingham Bay. The port is helping Puget Sound salmon recovery efforts by:
  • Building intertidal mudflats, which offer food and protection to young salmon
  • Improving nearshore connectivity
  • Removing creosote pilings and unnecessary over-water structures
  • Restoring several miles of urban shorelines