Technology Development Center

Innovation Partnership ZonesTechnology Development Center
In 2007 the Port of Bellingham was designated by Governor Chris Gregoire as one of the state’s first Innovation Partnership Zones. These geographic areas were created to promote and develop the state’s regional economies. The state’s goal is to create unique geographic areas around the state that will become globally recognized as hubs of expertise, innovation, and commercialization. The boundaries of the Waterfront Innovation Zone encompasses 200 acres of the Waterfront District.  Redevelopment of the site will be a draw for world class industries.

New Facility
The first capital project in the zone, a 10,000 square foot Technology Development Center is a regional hub for applied research and technical training, combining private sector needs with practical application of technologies and workforce training. The facility is leased by Western Washington University and Bellingham Technical College. It includes a common area available to the public for meetings and events.

Focus of the Center
Industrial design, advanced materials applications and energy technologies focused on clean transportation, and training for industries of the future. 
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The Technology Development Center's features include:
  • 850-square-foot training room
  • 2,500-square-foot workforce development education and training lab
  • 3,800-square-foot applied research and development work area equipped with state-of-the-art direct air flow system and tooling equipment  
  • Distributed compressed air, vacuum mold, and dust collection systems 
  • Hosting capacity for visiting industry representatives 
  • Restrooms, vending, and kitchenette facilities
  • Two semi-truck-sized delivery doors
  • Wired rooms for media-ready capability