Airport SRE Bid

The Port of Bellingham is accepting bids for new Snow Removal Equipment.  Please use the Invitation to Bid for further information.  Bids are due on May 31, 2018 at 1:00 PM PDT.

Questions pertaining to this bid will no longer be accepted.

  1. Would the airport accept a front mounted broom with a detachable quick hitch plow?
    The Port requires that the unit must be in line with AC/150-5220-20A, SAE ARP5548, and the Invitation to Bid.  The unit must be an MTE so as to allow plowing and sweeping to be completed simultaneously by one operator.
  2. Engines we are offering do not come with “a cold weather ether start system”. The engines we will provide come standard from the engine manufacturer with intake manifold preheaters. This system requires no input from the operator and is fully controlled by the engine ECM’s to ensure cold weather start ability. You will have no scheduled maintenance requirements to perform with this system.
    This is acceptable to the Port.
  3. The vehicle we will provide does not have enough space available to install “Bellingham International Airport” utilizing 16” tall lettering. Upon award we will submit a PDF representative drawing for your approval.
    This is acceptable to the Port.
  4. Does the Port require a 2 year warranty on the equipment?
    The Port requires the warranty of the equipment to be in line with Section 12 of SAE ARP5548.
  5. What is the width of the doors to the storage facility?
    The width of the doors to the facility where this MTE will be housed is 55 ft.
  6. Does the Port have a preference between stowable and non-stowable broom heads?
    No.  The Port does not have a preference.  Either design will be accepted as part of this bid.
  7. Please confirm if a mid-mounted broom that articulates would be acceptable.
    A modular design that articulates and an integrated non-articulating model are acceptable under this bid.  Each part of a proposed modular unit (tractor with plow and tow behind sweeper) must each separately be less than 53' in length but may exceed 53' when attached together for snow removal operations.  Integrated non-articulating models must be less than 53' in length.  An integrated articulating design will not be accepted as a valid bid.
  8. Per the SAE 5548, Section 4.1.1, we can provide the tractor and tow behind version as seen in Figure 1.  Please confirm if this type is acceptable.
    Yes.  This type of unit is acceptable as long as the tractor with plow is less than 53' in length and the tow behind broom is less than 53' in length.  When connected together for snow removal operations the total unit may be longer than 53' in length.