Parking at Bellingham International Airport 

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About BLI Parking
Choose convenience and reliability by parking on-site at Bellingham International Airport (BLI). The Port of Bellingham works with Standard Parking, a leading national provider of parking facility management services, to provide friendly, convenient and dependable service to all airport customers. The Port of Bellingham also offers the closest parking lots to the airport terminal, with half of the available parking spaces located directly in front of the terminal building.

Location and Parking Stall Information
Bellingham International Airport (BLI) offers over 2,500 convenient on-site parking stalls for short or long-term parking stays. View our Airport Parking Map (PDF) for more details on the BLI parking lot locations. BLI does not differentiate long term from short term stays based off of parking lot location, therefore customers have the option to park in any of the available parking lot locations at BLI. We will always have space for your vehicle in one of our four parking lots.

In addition to standard sized parking stalls, there are also ADA compliant parking stalls, oversized vehicle parking stalls and a bicycle rack that are available to BLI parking lot customers. The oversized vehicle stalls are located in Economy A parking lot and the bicycle rack is located in the Main parking lot, near the Rental Car return area.

Shuttle Service
Free complimentary shuttle service runs 24 hours a day approximately every 10 minutes between the airport terminal building and all of the economy parking lots at BLI. An ADA compliant shuttle bus is available for passengers with disabilities.

Reservations are not accepted for parking at BLI at this time. We will always have room for your vehicle in one of our four on-airport parking lots.

Long Term Parking (3 months or longer)
Please notify us in advance if you plan to leave your vehicle longer than 90 days. Customers may park in any airport parking lot for as long as necessary to accommodate their travel plans, but without advance notice and consent, your extended stay vehicle may be towed at your expense. Contact the Airport Administration Office to make arrangements for an extended parking lot stay.

Parking Rates
The rate structure for parking at BLI varies by parking lot location. Parking lot rates are based off of a 24 hour period. Use the links below to get detailed information on each of our parking lots. All prices include applicable taxes, and all economy lot pricing includes a free 24-hour shuttle to and from the terminal. Shuttle service runs approximately every 15 minutes.

Acceptable payment methods include debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards, traveler's checks and U.S. currency. Personal checks and foreign currency are not accepted.

Payments are accepted 24 hours a day upon exit at the parking lot attendant booth or at the self-pay station which is located in the airport baggage claim area. If payment is made at the self-pay station,be sure to keep your parking lot ticket and your receipt showing proof of payment. You must provide proof of payment upon exit from the parking lot. Anyone without proof of payment will be charged parking fees due in accordance with the parking lot rate structure. The self-pay station provides a short grace period between the time of payment at the self-pay station and the time of exit from the parking lot. If the grace period elapses, you may incur additional parking fees in accordance with the parking lot rate structure.

Lost / Damaged Parking Lot Tickets
If you have lost or damaged your parking lot ticket, simply proceed to the parking lot exit booth and the booth attendant will assist you. At a minimum, the fee for a lost ticket will be $10.

Vehicle Assistance
For assistance in locating your vehicle or with a jump start, please contact Standard Parking at 360-676-6286.

30 Minute Free Parking
For safety and security reasons, no parking or waiting is allowed at the terminal curbside. The first 30 minutes of parking is free in all BLI parking lots. There is also a designated 30 Minute Free Parking Lot that is available directly across from the airport terminal.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot
A cell phone waiting lot is located near the roundabout along Mitchell Way where motorists can wait free of charge for a phone call to pick up their passengers. Vehicles may not be left unattended in the cell phone waiting lot. No parking or waiting is allowed at the terminal curbside.

For More Information
For additional information regarding the airport's parking lots, please contact the Airport Administration Office at 360-671-5674 or Standard Parking at 360-676-6286.
Curbside Rules and Regulations
The Port of Bellingham has converted the curbside of BLI to a loading / unloading zone only; unless actively loading or unloading passengers, vehicles may not stage at the curbside of the airport terminal. The first 30 minutes in all of the BLI parking lots is free and there is a cell phone waiting lot located near the roundabout on Mitchell Way that passengers may utilize in lieu of waiting for passengers along the airport terminal curbside.