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Bellingham International Airport Advisory Committee (BIAAC)

On Tuesday, March 20, 2014, the Port of Bellingham Board of Commission amended the Bellingham International Airport Advisory Committee (BIAAC) Resolution 1320A and established a new Technical Advisory Committee (TAAC) by adopting Resolution 1329.

The Bellingham International Airport has grown dramatically in size, complexity and economic values in the past decade. With over 1.2 million commercial passengers, four commercial airlines, a diverse general aviation community, a growing network of aviation-related businesses, and a growing community, the Port of Bellingham Commission has established two distinct advisory committees for input about its' airport; an advisory committee to address technical aviation-related topics and an advisory committee to address airport topics related to the community.

The BIAAC will serve as a non-technical advisory committee to the Commission of the Port of Bellingham for the purpose of providing input from the community about the airport. The members of the committee serve to provide the community perspective to the Commission about airport operations, development, community partnerships, services and impacts. Qualified BIAAC representatives must be members of their community, group or an active member of the governing body listed.

  • TIME: 5:30pm
  • DATE: To be determined
  • LOCATION: Bellingham International Airport General Aviation (GA) Conference Room

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to approval.
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Committee minutes are available upon approval.
Most Recent Minutes | View All

Cliffside Community  1 member Vacant
Birchwood Community  1 member Vacant
North County Community  1 member Vacant
South County Community  1 member Vacant
Lummi Nation  1 member Appointed
Bellingham/Whatcom Tourism  1 member Vacant
Chamber of Commerce  1 member Vacant
Bellingham City Council  1 member Appointed
Whatcom County Council  1 member Appointed
City of Ferndale Council  1 member Appointed
County/City Business Interest  1 member Filled
Higher Education  1 member Vacant
 Environmental Interest  1 member Filled

Application Process

The Port of Bellingham is currently accepting applications for qualified members of the BIAAC. Please submit an application online through the Online BIAAC application or by completing and returning a hard copy of the BIAAC application.

All completed hard copy application forms must be submitted to the Director of Aviation at the Airport Administrative Office located at 4255 Mitchell Way, Bellingham, WA 98226.

DEADLINE to submit applications is 5pm on Wednesday, May 14, 2014.

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