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Gate 3 Project FAQs
What is the scope of the Gate 3 project?
The Gate 3 project is made up of two elements:1) Dredging of approximately 40,000 cubic yards of sediment to increase the depth around the F & G mooring area, and 2) replacement of piling and floats on F-east, F-west, G-east and G-west.

What sizes of slips will be available on the new Gate 3, F and G floats?
  • 30 – 45’ slips
  • 3 – 36’ slips
  • 1 – 89’ end tie

  • 16 – 30’ slips
  • 1 – 38’ end tie
  • 66 – 33’ slips
  • 39 – 50’ slips
  • 11 – 56’ slips
  • 1 – 97’ end tie

  • 5 – 36’ slips
  • 2 – 40 slip
  • 5 – 50’ slips
  • 1 – 100’ end tie

Will the Port be upgrading the available electrical service for boaters on the new docks?
Yes. For slips 33’ and smaller, 30 amp / 120 volt power will be available at each slip. For slips 36’ and larger, a 30 amp / 120 volt and a 50 amp / 240 volt receptacle will be available at each slip. Previously, smaller slips on F and G docks only had minimal 20 amp service. The new service will be a welcome improvement to many of our customers.

What is the construction schedule for the project?
The current schedule has construction crews starting on portions of the in-water work around the middle of October. We anticipate the project to reach completion by April 1, 2012.

How will the Port be reassigning the new slips on the new docks once they’re built?
The final process for reassignment to the new docks has not been determined. Harbor Staff will begin developing the reassignment procedures once construction begins. Reassignment will begin with focusing on accommodating our existing customers in slips that match their boat length.

What will the Port do with the sediment dredged from the F and G mooring area?
During the dredging process, construction crews will be removing sediment from the harbor floor with a barge-crane equipped with a large bucket.The sediment will be placed on a barge and delivered to a designated handling site on the old Georgia Pacific property. There, the wet material will be dewatered to make it easier to handle, and loaded into trucks. The material will then be transported to the Cornwall Avenue Landfill and placed as beneficial reuse on the cleanup site.For more information regarding the Cornwall Avenue cleanup site, visit the Washington State Department of Ecology Cornwall Landfill Cleanup Page.

Are the docks going back in their original configuration?
The new docks will be similar in configuration with a very slight change in alignment closer to the breakwater. The new slips will provide for a larger beam allowance which will be a major improvement over the old F and G slips. The final layout was approved by the Port’s Marina Advisory Committee and Commission.

What is the total cost of the new project and how will it be paid for?
The total cost of the Gate 3, F and G replacement project is approximately $8.4 million which includes construction, dredging and engineering. The cost for this project has been funded through the issuance of a revenue bond which will be paid back by moorage fees. The cost associated with repaying this bond has already been included in the recently adopted moorage rate formula approved by the Commission on February 15, 2011.

Will the work limit my ability to navigate through this area?
For safety reasons, the contractor has asked that all boats remain at least 100 feet away from the barges while work is underway. There will also be short periods of time that barge traffic will cause short delays for vessels wishing to enter or leave the harbor by the West entrance.Please use extreme caution and follow proper navigation rules. View the exclusion map.

What will happen to all the boats that were moored on F & G floats during the construction project?
100% of the permanent customers displaced by the F & G project were relocated to temporary berths throughout the harbor.

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