Goals of the Technology Development Center

The Port of Bellingham Technology Development Center (TDC) is a distinctive facility in Northwest Washington to foster technology innovation and trades development through collaboration between Bellingham Technical College and Western Washington University. This unique education partnership will advance composites and advanced materials applications benefitting industry attraction and job growth in sectors such as aerospace, marine and recreational equipment. 

Industry Collaboration:  WWU and BTC plan to foster technology research and development through university-industry partnerships.  The space also is attractive for start-up companies due to the access to equipment and large spaces in the TDC.  Larger companies wanting to prove out technologies before expanding in their own facilities may also be an option.  Another benefit to WWU/BTC/Industry is access to manufacturing equipment, characterization instrumentation, and technical services at both institutions. 

Active Research:  WWU and BTC personnel can also utilize the space for applied research that doesn’t include an industry partner. 

BTC/WWU Collaboration:  WWU and BTC serve different students and have different constituencies, but similar industries employ graduates.  This creates unique opportunities for collaborations with companies that would involve students and faculty members from both institutions. 




For More Information
For more information about the Technology Development Center, please contact Dodd Snodgrass at 360-676-2500.