Earlier Versions of Master Plan Documents

For Reference Purpose Only
The Draft Master Plan for the city center waterfront provides a framework for the development of a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood. The plan includes a balance of environmental, economic, and community objectives developed to restore the health of the land and water, improve waterfront access, promote a healthy and dynamic waterfront economy, and reinforce the inherent qualities of the waterfront.

Draft Documents Submitted Dec. 2012 Draft Subarea Plan - December 2012: Chapter-by-Chapter Version Related Draft Waterfront Agreements
These documents are made available for public review throughout the legislative process, though are not subject to Planning Commission review and recommendation. The City Council and Port Commission will consider these agreements concurrent with the legislative action required for the rest of the Waterfront District master plan documents.
2010 Version of the Master Plan and Changes Considered in Writing Final 2012 Draft
To review the changes considered during November and December 2012:
The following are the sections of the 2010 Version of the Master Plan: