Project Economics

Public Investment
The Port and City of Bellingham have formed a strategic partnership to redevelop the Waterfront District which includes significant public investments in environmental cleanup, infrastructure, public access, public open space and marine infrastructure.  The public investments are intended to stimulate a much larger private investment. While substantial, most of the public investment will be phased over time and only spent as necessary to serve proposed development and increase public access to the waterfront.

Port & City Funding
The Port is paying for most of the environmental cleanup and the development of all marine infrastructure.  In addition, the Port will provide to the City such property as may be necessary for the development of infrastructure, public access, parks, and open space.  The Port plans to recover this investment in the Waterfront District through the future sale or lease of property.  The City is paying for streets, parks, and utilities and will recover this investment from revenue gained by increased property values on the waterfront.