Port Planning Documents

Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements

The Port's Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvement Plan describes proposed improvements to Port facilities located in Blaine, Sumas, Bellingham International Airport, Squalicum Harbor, the Waterfront District and Fairhaven  which are contemplated to be developed over time. 

The Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvement Plan (CSHIP)  is intended to be updated periodically. Site specific plans or master plans may be prepared for various sub-areas or regions of the Port district. Regional, sub area plans or existing master plans provide valuable history and may have more detailed information about Port properties and facilities then the Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements; and are retained as reference documents to the extent that they adopted by the Board of Commissioners. Previously adopted Master Plans include:



Inquiries may be submitted to Greg McHenry, Senior Planning Analyst, P.O. Box 1677, Bellingham, WA 98227-1677 or by email to Gregm@portofbellingham.com

Other Plans

Other port plans include the Port's 2018 Recreation, Conservation and Public Access Plan .