Security Screening
Security at Bellingham International Airport (BLI) means keeping travelers safe. We work together with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to provide the best security possible while balancing the ease of travel.

The TSA is responsible for screening every passenger who flies from the Bellingham International Airport and every bag that is loaded onto an airplane. Bellingham International Airport currently has 1 TSA security screening checkpoint that is equipped with 2 passenger screening lanes. All passengers must pass through the TSA screening checkpoint before they can proceed to the airline departure gates. At the TSA screening checkpoint, TSA security officers will process passengers and their carry-on bags. To proceed through screening, you will need a current government-issued ID and a valid boarding pass.

Please be cooperative if TSA security officers asks to hand-search your bags.TSA will search a bag if the x-ray scan cannot determine its contents.

Know Before You Go
Knowing security regulations before you leave home can help speed your trip through the TSA security screening process. The TSA encourages travelers to “know before you go”. Basic things to keep in mind before approaching the TSA security screening checkpoint:
  • Liquids and gels must be in containers of 3 ounces or less
  • Place metal objects, such as coins and keys, in your carry-on bag
  • Put laptop computers and other electronic devices in a screening bin
  • Put the containers in 1 zip-lock plastic bag that is 1-quart in size
  • Remove shoes, jackets and belts and put them in screening bins
  • Remove the plastic bag from your carry-on bag and put it in a screening bin
For information about the latest security guidelines, questions about baggage screening, and lists of items allowed or prohibited in baggage, visit the Transportation Security Administration website.

Checking In
When checking in, arrive early. Heightened airport security measures may increase the time needed to check in. Please contact your airline for personal identification and check-in requirements and arrival and departure times.

Security Reminders While at the Airport
  • Do not accept packages from strangers
  • Do not joke about having a bomb or firearm or discuss terrorism, weapons, explosives, or other threats while going through the security checkpoint; all comments of this nature are considered real threats and will be subject to investigation
  • Do not leave your bags unattended in any location at the airport
  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended in front of the main terminal, it will be towed at the owner's expense
  • If you notice an unattended item or suspicious activity, report it immediately to the nearest airport employee or law enforcement officer