Major Historical Fishing Outfits

Squalicum Creek Harbor Fishing
Fishing has been a major part of the history of the Squalicum Creek, Fairhaven, and Blaine harbors. Here is a short list of some of the major commercial fishing outfits that have made their mark on Squalicum Creek Harbor.

Frank and Vince Muljat Mary and Tajlum
Pete Xitco St. Zita
Glenovich family Yankee, Yankee Boy, and Yankee Girl
Hansons (Vern, Harv, Warren, and Joe) Memento, Ursa Major, Joseph, and Liberty
Ben Cain Sundowner
Zuanich family (Pete, Andrew, Tony, and Dick) Admiral, Crusader, Plover, and Del Rio
Mitch Evich Independence
Kink family (Paul, Dick, Tony, Pete, and Dan) St. Paul, Cleo, and Kemo Sabay
Paul and John Sarich Marlene and Indiana
Constanti family Montana and Calendar
Karuza family Waterland and Comet
Nelsons (Jim, Leroy, Stan, Les, and Gary) N/A
Radisichs (Pete and Jack) N/A

The above list was provided by the Whatcom Museum.