Rental Rates

Park and Facility User Fees

The rental rates for private use of the Port's parks and facilities are approved by the Commission at the beginning of each calendar year.

Park and Facility Rates

Community Rate

Community use rates (for events advertised as completely open to the public, free of charge, and not a fundraiser) are generally 50% of the private use rates. This reduction in rate is based on the general public receiving an equal benefit of public space use.The community use rate does not apply to events that are revenue generating or that raise funds.The event must be a community use being actively promoted as open to the public.

Please contact the Meetings and Events office at 360-676-2500 for more information on community use.

Special Discount Rates

The Port will periodically run specials that support and encourage business use in Port facilities. These special offers are not always available. Please call 360-676-2500 or email the Meetings and Events Office to see if there are any current special discount rates.