Web Privacy & Refund Policy

Refund Policy

In the event of an overpayment, a refund will be issued to you upon request. Please contact the Accounting Department to request a refund of an overpayment.

Upon receipt of your request, we will verify your account has a credit balance and will process the refund. We ask you to allow 2-3 weeks for your request to be processed.

If you have any questions regarding your payment or status of a refund, please contact the Accounting Department at 360-676-2500 or email.

Why the Port Collects Personal Information

When you visit the website, voluntarily sign up for an online service through our website, or make a payment using our website, it is necessary for us to collect certain personal information. If you are visiting our website, information is collected for statistical purposes and to help the Port manage the site. The site uses software programs to create summary statistics, which are used for such purposes as assessing what information is of most and least interest to our users.

If you voluntarily sign up for an online service such as “Notify Me,” fill out an online form, or in any other way communicate with us via our website, we will use your information to communicate with you in the manner that you have requested. Your information will not be shared with any outside party without your permission, except as required by law, and it is never sold.

When you pay a bill online, information is used by the Port and our bank only to process your payment and is not shared or distributed to anyone else, except as required by law, and it is never sold. All information that may be collected is transmitted on a state-of-the-art secure server. Refunds cannot be processed from the website, and must be made with the department from which the payment was made. Contact the department for refund information.

IP Address 

The IP# of your computer is recorded every time you log on to our website. This information does not identify you personally. In the event that information is used fraudulently, we reserve the right to share the IP#, name and address with appropriate law enforcement authorities.


A cookie is a small piece of information that Web sites use to remember users. We use cookies only to record your interactions with us, and not for any other purpose. For example, when a user visits our site for the first time we may drop a cookie (user ID) onto that computer so that we know when requests for information are coming from the same computer. This allows us to customize information and identify navigation improvements to make the information easier to find. We don't store personal information (like passwords, credit card numbers) in a cookie.

Data Sharing

We collect information on our customers and subscribers only as described above, and do not use it for any other purpose. This information is used by the Port only to process your account payments or provide you with requested information, and is not shared or distributed to anyone else, except as required by law, and it is never sold.

Other Sites

Links to other websites may appear on some of our pages. We cannot be responsible for the content or activities of sites not under our control. If you visit these sites, be sure to review their policies before providing information to them. If you find the content or policies of a linked Web site to be objectionable, please notify us and we will review the situation.

Errors and Technical Problems

We make every effort to keep the information on our website accurate, however, we are not obligated to act in the event that technical or typographical errors produce inaccurate information. For example, if an online mapping service provides an inaccurate map as to the location of a facility, even if the address used is correct. We apologize for any such circumstances, and will correct them when it is in our power to do so. Please notify us immediately if you think an error like this has happened.

In the event of a conflict between this Privacy Notice and the Public Records Act or other law governing the disclosure of records, the Public Records Act or other applicable law will control.
To offer comments about the information presented in this Privacy Notice, you can contact:

By e-mail: info@portofbellingham.com
By telephone: 360-676-2500