Airport Advisory Committee


The Port of Bellingham Commission established an advisory committee for aviation professionals and the community to give input on the Bellingham International Airport (BLI) and address airport topics. 

Bellingham International Airport Advisory Committee (BIAAC)

The BIAAC serves as the advisory committee to the Commission of the Port of Bellingham to provide input from aviation professionals and the community about the airport. The members of the committee serve to provide both technical input and a community perspective to the Commission about airport operations, development, community partnerships, services and impacts. Qualified BIAAC representatives must be members of their community, group or an active member of the governing body listed, or posses aviation-related technical knowledge and experience for the vacant position being sought.

BIAAC member representation includes the following positions:

Available Positions
Cliffside Community 1 member OPEN
Birchwood Community1 member Filled
North County Community1 member Filled
Bellingham City Council1 member Filled
Lummi Nation 1 member Filled
Bellingham / Whatcom Tourism1 member Filled
Chamber of Commerce1 member Filled
Whatcom County Council1 member Filled
City of Ferndale Council 1 member Filled
County / City Business Interest1 member OPEN
Higher Education1 member Filled 
Environmental Interest1 member Filled
 Urban Growth Area1 member Filled
 Columbia Community1 member OPEN
 Commercial Aviation1 memberOPEN
 General Aviation1 memberOPEN
 Corporate Aviation1 memberFilled
 Fixed Base Operator1 memberFilled
 Pilot Associations1 memberFilled
 Air Cargo1 memberOPEN
 Airport Businesses1 memberFilled
 Air Traffic Control Tower1 memberFilled
 Ground Transportation1 memberFilled
 Other Airport Tenants1 memberFilled

View a map of BIAAC member communities. 

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Questions or comments should be emailed to the Airport Administration Office