Noise Abatement

Bellingham International Airport (BLI) is committed to being a good neighbor by recognizing that there are residential areas around the airport that are sensitive to aircraft noise. We also recommend that pilots read and follow guidelines created by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and National Business Aviation Association.
The following noise abatement procedures are in effect at BLI:
  • Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Noise Abatement Procedures – There may be cases when VFR aircraft are unable to follow these procedures due to tower direction, traffic, weather, training requirements, or emergency procedures.
    • Departures – Runway 16: Fly runway heading to pattern altitude (1200 ft. MSL Single Engine or 2000 ft. MSL Multi Engine) beyond shoreline before turning.
    • Arrivals – Runway 16: Follow published traffic pattern procedures.
    • Departures – Runway 34: Fly runway heading to freeway before commencing turn.
    • Arrivals – Runway 34: Fly base leg over water, fly final leg to cross shoreline on runway centerline. 
  • Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) Noise Abatement Procedures – IFR noise abatement procedures are in accordance with the FAA approved Standard Instrument Departures, published non-standard IFR departure, published standard instrument arrival and missed approach procedures and standard radar vectors as directed by Vancouver Area Control Center.
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Aircraft Complaint Tracking Form
If you have an aircraft complaint, which you would like to submit to the Bellingham International Airport, please complete an Aircraft Complaint Tracking Form.
Noise Sensitive Area 2
Noise Sensitive Area