2018 Recreation, Conservation and Public Access Plan


The 2018 Recreation, Conservation and Public Access Plan (the “Plan”) is a compilation of the various recreation, conservation and public access projects contained in the Port of Bellingham’s Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvement Plan and takes into consideration the 5 year strategic capital budget forecast approved by the Board of Commissioners on November 21st, 2017. The plan is required to be updated every six years to maintain eligibility for grants from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Funding Board. The plan update process is also a means of coordinating with County and local municipal park agencies having jurisdiction. 

For more information, please contact Kurt Baumgarten, Environmental Planner by email at KurtB@portofbellingham.com.

More information on Boating Facility or other Recreation and Conservation grants can be found at State of Washington's Recreation and Conservation Office(RCO).