Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation

Port staff have been working consistently throughout our operations to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste and otherwise lower our greenhouse gas emissions. In March 2022 we began the next phase of creating the Port's Climate Action Strategy and will soon have a project website, including our Vulnerability Assessment work, which examines the different ways that Port (and tenant) properties might be affected by climate change, such as sea level rise and storm surges.  

While we work on the project webpage, check our our Climate Action Roadmap for some background information. 

We have completed a baseline greenhouse gas inventory for the calendar year 2019. The whole report is available here. The pie charts below show the emissions for 2019 throughout the Port (Scope 1, 2 and some 3 emissions) on the left, and with the electricity purchased through PSE removed on the right. This is relevant because the Port committed to PSE's Green Direct program for renewable energy purchases as of March 2021, which effectively reduces our GHG emissions from electricity purchased from PSE to zero. We purchase other electricity through BPA which remains counted. 

Port of Bellingham GHG emissions 2019