Point Roberts Ferry Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I ride the ferry with my service animal?

Yes. Service animals are welcome.

2. Can I travel with a pet?

Pets may be allowed on board if they are in a carrier.

3.  Am I allowed to bring food and drink on the ferry? 

Yes. There are no restrictions on passengers bringing personal food and drink on to the ferry. However, alcoholic beverages may not be consumed while on board

4. How long is the crossing?

The trip between Point Roberts and Bellingham should take about two hours. 

5.  Can I reserve passage for more than one person? (families with children)

At this time you must fill out a separate reservation request for each individual in your party. We regret this inconvenience and are working to simplify this step.

6. Can I plan on staying in Bellingham overnight and catch a later ferry back to Pt. Roberts?

Yes. Each leg of the Pt. Roberts to Bellingham ferry will need to be made as an individual reservation. Please be certain to schedule and reserve your return trip home. 

7.  Can I bring a bicycle with me?

Yes. The Ferry can accommodate six bicycles per trip.  You will need to indicate your wish to transport a bicycle when you register for passage. This will be on a first come first served basis. We will do our best to inform passengers if we reach our limit. 

8.  Is the Ferry wheelchair accessible?


9.  Can I bring my license to carry weapon on the ferry?

No. Weapons of any kind are not permitted on the ferry.

10.  What if I miss Ferry at the end of the day?

Arrival at the Ferry on time for sailing is the customers’ responsibility. 

11.  Can I reserve more than one trip at a time?

No. In order to serve as many residents as we can we ask that you only reserve one round trip at a time. A round trip will consist of two reservations; one reservation per leg of your trip.

13.  Can I transport legally purchased cannabis products on the ferry?

No. The commercial charter company is federally regulated not state regulated. 

14.  Can I bring carry-on luggage?

Due to space restrictions on the ferry, only one personal item per passenger is allowed. 

15.  Are masks required on board the ferry?


16.  I have a medical condition that makes it impossible for me to wear a mask. Will I be allowed to board the ferry without a mask?

Yes. We do ask that you try to remain outside the cabin for the duration of the trip (weather permitting) and practice social distancing as much as you possibly can.

17.  What is the schedule for the ferry?

Depart B’ham @ 6:30 am - Arrive PTR @ 8:30 am
Depart PTR @ 9 am – Arrive B’ham @ 11 am

Depart B’ham @ 3 pm – Arrive PTR @ 5 pm
Depart PTR @ 5:30 pm – Arrive B’ham @ 7:30 pm

18. Do I need to be a Point Roberts Resident to Ride?

We are using the honor system and ask that you take into consideration that Pt Roberts residents  have had a difficult time accessing services, so please use your best judgement regarding essential trips.