Marine Trades Area Cleanup and Redevelopment Project

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The focus of the Marine Trades Area Cleanup and Redevelopment Project is fourfold: 

  • Preservation and enhancement of Marine Trades uses of the Marine Trades Area resulting in economic development and job creation
  • Complete cleanup work at the Whatcom Waterway, Central Waterfront and I&J Waterway sites
  • Protect and restore aquatic habitat
  • Enhance public access opportunities

 The Marine Trades Area is the portion of the Waterfront District located between the Whatcom Waterway and the I&J Waterway. This area also includes the Aerated Stabilization Basin (ASB) and adjacent areas of the Whatcom and I&J Waterways. The Port and other local agencies are cleaning up historical contamination from this site and many other cleanup sites in Bellingham Bay including the Harris Avenue shipyard, the Cornwall Avenue Landfill, the Central Waterfront, RG Haley, the I & J Waterway, G-P West, and the South State Street MGP site.



The cleanup and redevelopment of the Marine Trades Area is expected to result in 12 to 14 acres of upland property located adjacent to a similar acreage of navigable areas within the ASB. The aquatic areas will be reconnected to the Whatcom Waterway with a boat access channel and will be reconnected to the I&J Waterway with a fish passage structure. The upland and aquatic areas will provide opportunities for new and expanded marine trades uses.  



The Port is working with the City, its partners, and stakeholders to document the needs of Marine Trades Area land uses through a land use programming process. This process will inform future redevelopment plans, including future development of habitat restoration and enhancement actions as well as future public access and park improvements.  

There are significant linkages between redevelopment planning for the Marine Trades Area and the planning for cleanup for the Whatcom Waterway Site, however, these planning efforts currently have separate engagement processes. The Whatcom Waterway cleanup is supportive of, but separate from, the detailed land use programming effort. Outreach activities for the Whatcom Waterway Phase 2 Cleanup will be directed by Ecology. Follow this link to Ecology’s website for more information:

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Commission Meeting November 2, 2021 @ 4pm - 1801 Roeder Avenue -Port of Bellingham Board of Commissioners considers adoption of resolution approving the change in use of ASB.