Do we need a new marina?
Yes. The port operates two marinas, which are essentially full and have a waiting list of more than 170 boats. More than 70 percent of the port’s moorage customers are from Whatcom County, and it is projected the port will need an additional 683 slips by the year 2015 to meet the growing demand for boat space.

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1. Do we need a new marina?
2. Did the port look at using the wastewater treatment lagoon for anything else?
3. Why build a new marina that only benefits 350-450 boat owners?
4. Did the port look at other places on the waterfront to build a new marina?
5. Has a decision been made to build the new marina?
6. Will fees increase for moorage customers at the port's existing marinas to pay for the new marina?
7. I have a boat and need moorage. Can I get on the waiting list for the new downtown marina?
8. When will the marina be built?