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Bellingham International Airport Advisory Committee (BIAAC) Application

  1. Membership Application
    Bellingham International Airport Advisory Committee (BIAAC)

  2. Please complete the following information for consideration as a member of this advisory committee:

  3. The BIAAC will serve as a non-technical advisory committee to the Commission of the Port of Bellingham for the purpose of providing input from the community about the airport. The members of the committee serve to provide the community perspective to the Commission about airport operations, development, community partnerships, services and impacts. Qualified BIAAC representatives must be members of their community, group or an active member of the governing body listed.

    BIAAC member representation includes the following positions:

  4. Cliffside Community - 1 member

    North County Community - 1 member

    Lummi Nation - 1 member

    Chamber of Commerce - 1 member

    Whatcom County Council - 1 member

    Business Interest, County/City - 1 member

    Environmental Interest - 1 member

  5. Birchwood Community - 1 member

    South County Community - 1 member

    B’ham/Whatcom Tourism - 1 member

    B’ham City Council - 1 member

    City of Ferndale Council - 1 member

    Higher Education - 1 member

    Columbia Neighborhood - 1 member

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    All applicants must be approved by the Port of Bellingham Commission prior to appointment on the advisory committee.

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