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Vendor Booth Space at AirFest 2019 Application

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  2. Fill out this application for Vendor Booth Space at AirFest 2019! There is limited space available and a vendor booth is at a first come, first serve bases. Airport Administration will be in contact with you to confirm your space at Airfest. Each vendor receives one 10' X 10' booth space. No tents, tables, chairs, or electricity is provided. The event is scheduled for August 24, 2019 and Airport Administration will provide you with more information via email if approved.

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  5. I agree to RELEASE, indemnify, defend and hold the PORT OF BELLINGHAM (“the PORT”) and its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, contractors, and agents harmless against any and all claims, demands, damages, liabilities and costs incurred which directly or indirectly result from, or arise out of or are in connection with any act or omission by you (or anyone designated by you) relating to or in connection with your airplane while you are participating the EVENT. Further in registering for and participating in the EVENT, you accept all risks of personal injury and property damage and understand that as part of the registration you are releasing the ability to file suit against the PORT for any claims that you may bring as a result of any personal injury including death or property damage sustained in connection with your participation in the EVENT.*

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