Bellingham Dockside  Market

Dockside-Email-BannerBellingham Dockside Market serves as the hub for local fishermen in and out of Squalicum Harbor to sell their catch and harvest directly to you! Follow signs into Squalicum Harbor to buy seafood directly from the hardworking fishermen who catch it. Visit the dock early to ensure the best selection of seafood options, and head home with dinner--from the dock to your table!


Check the Bellingham Dockside Market Facebook page prior to sale days to see which fishermen will be at the dock and what products will be available.  Markets usually take place on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month from 10am-2pm.

Head down to Squalicum Harbor and follow the signs to Gate 5 or the Fishermen's Pavilion, where fishermen await with their product.

Pick your seafood, pay the fishermen directly, and head home with your delicious catch.

We're bringing you the best of our waterfront town: the Bellingham Dockside Market, an authentic connection to our local waters!


Sometimes a storm rolls in, a mechanical issue pops up on a boat, or the fishermen aren't quite where the fish are swimming. Other times, it's all systems go with calm seas and the fish holds full! The operation of Bellingham Dockside Market will reflect these dynamic circumstances that our fishermen navigate. Fisheries are also seasonal, which means that markets look different depending on the month you visit. 

Want to receive the vendor and product list on the day before markets? Email us at: to be added to the list!

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Bellingham Dockside Market Dates in 2023:

January 7th and 21st

February 4th and 18th

March 4th and 18th

April 1st and 15th

May 6th and 20th

June 3rd and 17th

July 1st and 15th

August 5th and 19th

September 2nd and 16th

October 7th and 21st

November 4th and 18th

December 2nd and 16th

Interested in participating as a vendor? 

Please review our Permit & Document Checklist.

Read over our Bellingham Dockside Market Vendor Handbook

Fishermen: please complete our Bellingham Dockside Market Fisherman Application 

Craftspeople, Prepared Food, and Food Truck vendors: please complete our Bellingham Dockside Market Prepared Food/Food Truck/Craftsperson Vendor Application

Email Cari, Dockside Market Coordinator or call the Community Outreach Team at 360.676.2500 for more information.

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Bellingham Dockside Market, a program of the Port of Bellingham, launched in October 2020. Bellingham Dockside Market creates access for the community to buy seafood directly from local fishermen.

Bellingham Dockside Market is guided by the following four CORE VALUES:

1. Gratitude to Indigenous Peoples

2. Connection with Fishing Families

3. Seafood & Fishing Education

4. Sustainability & Small Business Practices