Corporate Goals for 2023

Each year, the Port identifies several key strategic issues which often reach beyond a single line of business or program and may require Port-wide actions and efforts for success in serving the community. Work on these issues will likely span beyond 2023 into future years.  Click here to learn more about the Port's Key Corporate Goals for 2023.

  1. Ongoing Development in the Waterfront District
    Redeveloping Bellingham’s waterfront to enhance downtown, increase public access to the water and rebuild the waterfront economy continue to be focus.
  2. Plan Necessary Environmental Cleanup
    Cleaning up historic industrial contamination protects the environment and returns underutilized property to productive use. 
  3. Expansion of Marine Trades
    Port land and infrastructure are vital to the working waterfront and economic health of the region. Marine trades support over 6,000 jobs in Whatcom County with significant opportunities for growth
  4. Strategic Management of the Airport
    Managing airport costs while recovering from the global pandemic is a priority for the Port along with increasing the frequency of flights and number of routes flown. 
  5. Re-Development of the Bellingham Shipping Terminal and Log Pond Area
    The Bellingham Shipping Terminal remains the Port’s biggest potential job-creating asset. The Port will continue to modernize the terminal to attract break bulk and clean bulk cargo activity.
  6. Stimulate Economic Development and Job Creation
    The Port’s mission is to promote a sustainable economy and create jobs.
  7. Employee Retention
    The Port is committed to being an employer of choice in Whatcom County.