Class Visits to the Marine Life Center

The Marine Life Center is a wonderful location for a group or class visit. We would love to schedule your visit ahead of time to make sure our staff is prepared to give your group the best experience possible. Please stay with the children in your care during your visit. We cap the total of visitors at 25 people per class, and cap the total of students at 22 per class. We appreciate your observation of these ratios:

  • Under age 5: 1 adult – 1 child
  • Elementary age: 1 adult – 4 children
  • Age 11 and older: 1 adult to 6 youths

We must close the center during class visits-so the start time can be flexible as long as you understand the end time is strict. Classes must make their way out of the Center by the agreed upon end time. We do not guarantee a touch tank experience nor do we guarantee an octopus.  Classes are completely free and we do not accept donations. Due to space and staffing-classes must be confirmed no less than one week in advance to visit, and all classes must be scheduled to enter the facility. 

 Please use the form below to request your visit to the Center!

Marine Life Center Class Visit Request Form

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