Canadian Businesses

Whatcom County is British Columbia's neighbor. Bellingham is 60 miles from Vancouver, while Blaine and Sumas are border cities to Surrey and Abbotsford. We have strong historic and cultural ties with our friends in Lower Mainland B.C., which has a population of over 2.9 million. Business relations are very strong with daily cross-border activity of 36,000 cars and 2,800 trucks passing through our community, and many stopping to shop or attend to business.

Many Canadian business have chosen Whatcom County to expand into the much larger U.S. market with the advantage of lower real estate costs and maintaining proximity to Canadian headquarters. Canadian companies will find professional expertise in border brokerage, immigration law, accounting, banking and commercial realtors in Whatcom County, and Port staff can help you make these connections.

Check out the Gateway to the USA brochure and consider Whatcom County for expansion.

Canadian-related Companies in Whatcom County
Canada Gateway Map 14