Public Records


It is the policy of the commissioners of the Port of Bellingham, a municipal corporation, and port employees to make available to the public any and all identifiable port records subject only to the exceptions contained in law, and to abide by the spirit and the intent of the state's Public Records Act

See the Port's Public Records Resolution 1367 and the Policy and Procedures for Accessing Public Records for more information about the Port of Bellingham's commitment to the fullest assistance to providing access to our public records. 

Requesting Public Records

Any person requesting access to the Port's public records or seeking assistance in making such a request should submit a Public Records Request Form to:

Public Records Officer
1801 Roeder Ave.
Bellingham, WA 98225
Ph: 360-676-2500 
Fx: 360-671-6411 

Or by email to
Frequently Requested Documents
The Port of Bellingham has many documents available to the public. Commonly requested documents include:

Many other documents are available through the port's Public Records Portal. Follow the link below to browse archived and other miscellaneous Port records.