Photography & Film Requests


All companies wishing to obtain an Film or Photography Production License to conduct production activities at the Port of Bellingham must complete a Production License Application and submit it to or by fax at 360-594-4409. Once the application has been approved we will contact you via email. For questions, contact the Port at 360-676-2500.

Proof of Insurance

Applications must be accompanied by proof of adequate insurance. The Port of Bellingham must be named as an additional insured in order for the license to be approved.

License Fee

A license fee will be assessed at the rates listed below:
  • $600 8 hours of filming
  • $300 4 hours of filming
  • $120 1.5 hours of filming
This does not include additional building or park rental fees, which may be charged at the regular port rates charged for private event space rental. If rental spaces are to be used, the applicant must also fill out those applications and pay those fees as described within the applications. Any questions regarding fees should be discussed with the community relations coordinator.

Required Information

All applications must include the following information prior to being considered for approval: 
  • Number of crew members and type of equipment to be used at the port
  • Proposed filming locations at the port 
  • Specific dates and times when shooting will occur
  • Statement about the general theme of the production and the relationship of port facilities to your production 
  • Whether you anticipate any security problems or labor disputes where crowd control may be an issue